Podiatry Radiography

Canon Flat Panel Digital Radiography

  Unparalleled mobility, easy operation and immediate image review are only a few of the Canon Flat Panel DR’s impressive capabilities. Extremely versatile, this device provides unmatched quality digital images for a wide range of diagnostic exams and settings.  Thin, lightweight and robust, digital flat panel technology offers true portability and flexibility for podiatric practices. The detachable […]

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Fire CR Computed Radiology

The FireCR+ Medical Reader has become the go-to radiography solution for many podiatric practices looking for a reliable, versatile, high-quality CR solution.  Offering a unique combination of high image quality, affordability, speed, and the ability to tailor a system to meet your exact needs makes the FireCR+ Medical Reader the perfect solution for your podiatric […]

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Fujifilm FCR Digital Radiography

  The Fuji FCR offers Podiatric practices a stunning combination of price, speed and remarkable image quality. Designed for podiatry practices with low volume imaging requirements, the FCR is small, light, and fast, with everything a smart private practice wants in digital x-ray.  Podiatrists using the Fuji FCR  enjoy benefits such as virtual elimination of […]

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