Meet the Team

Richard Brunelli

President/CEO, Universal Medical Systems, Inc.

Becoming President and Chief Executive Officer in 2014, Richard continued to lead the successful journey of Universal Imaging, Inc. as it expanded its operations in a cloud-based digital world and now virtual sales and support world. Richard has spent years solving problems and building relationships with veterinarians and doctors. It’s his personal belief that integrity and responsiveness are the main drivers of Universal’s success and distinguish Universal Imaging, Inc. from the competition.

Richard earned his BBA (2003) at Iona College. Richard’s hands-on sales approach is a major asset to both sales and training divisions of Universal where he is a major force behind both virtual and in-person Continued Education programs.

Michael McElhinney

Director of Sales, Universal Medical Systems, Inc.

Michael McElhinney
Michael joined Universal Imaging as a Regional Sales Manager in 2006. His hands-on approach, especially with veterinary equipment and training, has helped Universal manage customer relationships and build customer loyalty. Michael’s passion for team excellence and medical imaging is a key factor in Universal’s rise to the top of the veterinary and human medical device industries.

Michael earned his BA in finance from Iona College.

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