A Tribute to Our Founder

A Tribute to Our Founder

Like many families, 2020 was a difficult year for the Universal Imaging family as we lost our founder and leader, Peter Brunelli.  Peter was a New Yorker, born in The Bronx and educated in New York schools – completing his undergraduate work at Manhattan College and earning an MBA from Iona College.

The combination of his affection for animals and his natural ability to connect with people resulted in what was soon to become the largest privately-held ultrasound distributorship in the country.

More than salesmanship, Peter had the insight to understand the needs and challenges of the everyday users of evolving imaging technology and quickly came to realize that education and training were a critical part of the equation.  Only then could full benefits and accurate diagnoses be achieved.  This became the cornerstone to the growth of Universal Imaging and the company it is today.

Peter loved his work and had a passion for travel and meeting new people. He was a friend to his customers, many of whom have expressed their condolences with stories of gratitude for Peter’s help in advancing their own knowledge and careers, and his contributions to the success of their own businesses.

Peter was an extraordinary leader whose principles will continue to guide not only Universal Imaging as a company but individually to all those whose lives he touched.




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