A New Generation of CT is Here. Is a CT Right for Your Practice Now?

The addition of a Computed tomography (CT) system in your practice increases your diagnostic capabilities dramatically. Pet owners today are increasingly willing to incur the higher costs of this advanced technology to ensure their pet receives optimal care. But they prefer to schedule their pet’s procedures with their trusted veterinarian rather than through a referral....

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Portable Veterinary Ultrasound

Just How Good Are Portable Veterinary Ultrasound Systems?

Ultrasound applications in veterinary medicine are increasing as units become more accessible to veterinary practitioners, and many veterinary practices are finding portable imaging equipment a great option because the machines are convenient, accurate, cost-effective, and easy to use. However, choosing the right system for your practice can be daunting. Considerations include the animals you service,...

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veterinary imaging equipment

Essential Veterinary Imaging Equipment for the Mobile Practitioner

Imaging platforms such as radiography and ultrasonography are frequently needed to accurately diagnose your patients’ health conditions. Veterinary mobile imaging equipment is especially valuable to equine practitioners, practices that are experiencing higher demand for remote services, or practices whose limited clinic space can benefit from compact easy-to-transport equipment. Investing in Veterinary Imaging Equipment for Your...

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