Pre-owned Medical Ultrasound

Universal Imaging offers pre-owned and refurbished ultrasound equipment for medical practices. Our pre-owned ultrasound systems are of the highest quality and undergo a rigorous testing procedure before they are sold. We are always pleased to offer demonstrations on all our pre-owned ultrasound equipment.

Universal Imaging has been the leading supplier of complete ultrasound diagnostic solutions to podiatrists for over 48 years. We are proud to carry a wide variety of pre-owned, refurbished ultrasound systems for all applications.

Color Pre-owned Medical Ultrasound

  • MyLab 30

    The MyLab 30 portable ultrasound system is a compact ultrasound system that delivers premium console performance. And with mobile, portable or stationary configurations, the MyLab 30 can adapt to any environment.

    This system is capable of providing the highest quality images in a range of application by allowing personalization to fit every user’s specific needs.

  • MyLab 40

    The MyLab 40 is a premium performance, ultrasound imaging system that was developed to make diagnostic ultrasound more accurate and efficient. With its compact console, impressive feature set and surprisingly impressive price the MyLab 40 is sure to be a valuable asset to your practice.

    The wide selection of standard and optional features makes the MyLab 40 a true full services system without compromising image quality or ease-of-use.

  • MyLab 50

    With modular architecture and unique scalability the MyLab 50 is adaptable to a variety of applications. Advanced multi-frequency transducers, extreme sensitivity and an intuitive user interface allow for improved diagnostic confidence and more accurate diagnoses.

    The MyLab 50 is a versatile ultrasound system that offer the premium performance and portability needed to provide the highest levels of patient care in all applications.

  • MyLab Five

    The MyLab Five is an optimal solution for a practice where size, cost and value are important factors. The system has a 15” high resolution LCD that produces unmatched image quality while increasing user comfort and reducing eyestrain. The built-in carry handle and optional battery power make it even more attractive as a portable solution.

    The MyLab Five can be hand carried, or mounted on a foldaway or a height-adjustable cart.

  • Medison SonoAce Pico

    Medison Pico is a fully portable, multi-specialty ultrasound system that has become the value choice in portable color. A compact, 100% digital system that offers you the most advanced technology for image optimization and connectivity. The all color Pico delivers all the performance and versatility you would expect from an ultrasound system in a compact package. Featuring numerous features and imaging capabilities, the Pico is the first truly portable system to offer uncompromising performance. All digital beam forming provides maximum image resolution giving you the ultimate in diagnostic accuracy.

  • Terason t3000™

    The Terason t3000™ Ultrasound System is a powerful, portable imaging solution that offers image quality, networking and workflow benefits not previously possible in a small system. This system has state of the art processing capabilities thanks to Terason’s Fusion™ Processor. Based on a fully functional MacBook Pro laptop, the t3000 delivers world class imaging that rivals $50,000+ Ultrasound Systems.

  • Aloka 900

    Featuring design concepts inherited from higher end systems along with Hitachi Aloka’s latest proprietary electronic technologies, the compact Aloka 900 delivers superb images.

    The Aloka 900 offers a full range of measurement functions for professional ultrasonic examination. And unlike conventional portable systems, the Aloka 900 includes annotation labeling and 15-channel preset functions as standard features.

  • Aloka SSD-3500

    The Aloka 3500 combines the superior image quality, reliability, and improved features seldom found in an office ultrasound environment.

    By helping you achieve more efficient examinations and providing the tools for faster diagnoses, the Aloka 3500 is sure to be a sound investment. Its ergonomic, user-friendly design enables you to customize the system according to your specific application needs.

  • Aloka SSD-4000

    The Aloka-4000 utilizes the most advanced acoustic technologies available today. With a 12-bit A/D converter, the Aloka 4000 offers superior contrast resolution.

    An intelligent digital beam former supports PixelFocus™, providing precision spatial resolution down to the pixel level for improved visualization of clinical detail.

    The system also employs a Pure Harmonic Detection (PureHD) feature to create exceptionally clear images—artifact free and with a higher signal-to-noise ratio.

Black and White Pre-owned Medical Ultrasound

  • CTS 5500 Plus

    The CTS-5500 is a quality, entry-level, diagnostic ultrasound. With a Vivid 10inch CRT monitor, 2 USB ports, 20 GB hard drive, and a high density probe, the CTS-5500 is a great solution if you are looking for an inexpensive digital ultrasound.

  • CTS 7700 Plus

    The CTS 7700 Plus is the new generation of premium black-and-white portable ultrasound – perfect for multiple applications. It offers smart one key optimization with both panoramic and smart 3D imaging while providing the ability to make efficient measurements and annotations.