AGFA Companion Animal Digital Radiography

Companion Digital Radiography

The Gold Standard In X-ray Technology Just Got Better.

AGFA Healthcare’s award-winning MUSICA® imaging technology has just released its all-new MUSICA 3® image processing. Graduating from the older CR processing, the New MUSICA 3 was designed from the ground up specifically for AGFA digital imaging panels for the most consistent diagnostic images available world-wide.


AGFA MUSICA 3+ image processing for companion animals provides exquisite detail throughout the image with specialty algorithms to meet the most demanding clinical needs, processing 10,000,000,000 instructions per image and 1,000 instructions per pixel!

By focusing down to the pixel level, the New MUSICA 3+ image processing, along with the AGFA digital imaging sensors, allows for the most balanced and consistent image quality with every exposure. MUSICA 3+ processing technology provides equal detail in both bone and soft tissue images ̶ all while incorporating the ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) principles of radiation safety.

“The MUSICA image processing is incredible, you get such clear images… It brings out the detail in every image, in every feather.”
– Sarah Gough, Registered Veterinary Nurse, Dubai Falcon Hospital

“The images are unbelievably sharp. We actually had to relearn to interpret them, because there is so much more detail and information!”
– Sinikka Sarpanen, KEK CEO, DVM Kuopio, Finland


  • Picture perfect first-up display
  • Large 17x17, 14x17, and 10x12 inch digital sensor size options
  • Large touch control screen
  • On-board positioning guide
  • Instant email function
  • Customizable user interface
Imaging Technology
  • Musica 3+
  • AED (Automatic Exposure Detection) Technology
  • 10,000,000,000 instructions per image
  • Veterinary specific processing
Advanced Technology
  • Thick CSI (Cesium) Low Dose Scintillator
  • Waterproof detectors

Control Station Options / Accessories

Digital Detectors

Clinical Images


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