Canon Aplio i-series / Prism Edition

Console Veterinary Ultrasound

A complete, customizable solution for every clinical need.

As a high-performance, multipurpose system, the Canon Aplio i-series / Prism Edition enables multidisciplinary patient assessment from a single source. With a wide range of clinically proven imaging and quantification tools, you’re at the forefront of diagnostic imaging and research.


The Canon Aplio i-series Prism Edition’s suite of intelligent and forward-thinking technologies makes it easier than ever to consistently deliver confident diagnoses.

For everyday clinical to advanced research applications, this system provides a whole spectrum of flexible productivity functions. Its modular concept and fully-programmable user interface make it easy to customize features and functions to exactly meet your needs now and into the future.

The Canon Aplio i-series Prism Edition veterinary ultrasound console is fully adjustable for seated or standing use in order to easily accommodate a variety of user preferences. The rotating user interface allows alignment of elbow, wrist, and trackball in an ergonomically sound and patient-engaging position. The result? More comfortable scanning to boost productivity in both routine and more complex cases.


Design and Operations
  • Small and light, simple to set up, and easy to maneuver in any situation
  • Large monitor with fully articulating arm and handgrip
  • Floating panel and large touch screen for optimal positioning and operability
  • Motorized panel height adjustment with 36 cm range
  • Fully collapsible screen and main panel for easy transport
  • Up to 30 minutes of autonomous scanning with an optional battery
  • Easy-roll casters with central lock and brake
  • Backlit transducer connection and convenient footrest
Imaging Technology
  • iBeam+ beamformer technology is the next level of ultra-fast and precise beam shaping, enhancing image depth and detail with clear, sharp, and distinct images. In combination with other imaging modes or advanced applications, iBeam+ helps to improve clinical utility and operability with enhanced image uniformity, higher speed, and fewer operation steps.
  • Ultra-Wide View. While the typical footprint of a transducer shows limited anatomy, Canon’s Ultra-Wide View offers an extended field of view by up to 40% without sacrificing image quality or frame rate.
  • Superb Microvascular Imaging (SMI) expands the range of visible blood flow to a level of detail never before seen with diagnostic ultrasound. Exclusive iSMI now also allows you to image larger regions of interest without a reduction in frame rate. Advances in multi-beam technology further improve the performance of Canon Medical’s unique iSMImicrovascular imaging.
  • Doppler Luminance improves the visibility of blood flow by enabling its display with a 3D effect.
  • Aplio i-series Liver Analysisaddresses one of the major challenges in imaging today, liver disease. New and unique tools have now been developed to allow visualization of changes in liver status, covering a full range of pathologies.
  • Shear Wave Elastography (SWE) provides a quantitative measure and dynamic visual display of tissue stiffness in a variety of clinical settings ranging from abdominal to small parts examinations. The highly accurate and reproducible tool provides fully integrated measurement and reporting for seamless integration into your clinical workflow.
  • Shear Wave Dispersion (SWD) adds tissue viscosity to the routine stiffness assessment of Shear Wave Elastography Tissue stiffness changes are common in liver disease, but any viscosity changes associated with disease processes such as fatty infiltration were not able to be assessed until now. The combination of SWE and SWD adds both stiffness and viscosity information for a more complete liver assessment. In cases of liver inflammation, the liver becomes more viscous. It is these changes that SWD is quantifying.
  • Contrast Vector Imaging visualizes fine vascular structure inside lesions by tracking individual contrast bubbles. High frame rate contrast imaging allows for the spatial and temporal resolution required to analyze the direction and velocity of each bubble and display them with different colors to support the diagnosis.
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Advanced Technology
  • Confident Assessment. Superior quality of imaging and contrast resolution offered by Aplio i-series / Prism Edition is a fundamental requirement for the assessment of pathologies. Quantification verified by clinical studies, Aplio’s wide range of contrast tools are safe and efficient instruments for the characterization and follow-up of lesions. Dedicated transducers and navigation tools help enhance confidence during interventional procedures and in their follow-up.
  • Comparative follow-up. In combination with the system’s onboard reporting, Aplio i-series / Prism Edition offers a wide range of quantification tools with the ability to directly compare follow-up imaging with previous tests. The system can combine the results of ultrasound and external exams into a single report for a more complete overview of available results.

Control Station Options / Accessories

Clinical Images

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