CANON Aquilion Lightning™

Computed Tomography

NEW FOR 2022

Premium CT Performance. Smart Veterinary Investment.


Intelligently engineered for limited installation space and lower energy consumption, the Aquilion Lightning™ integrates CT into your practice simply and affordably. With the industry’s widest gantry and 20% better image quality, it incorporates the latest hardware, software, and reconstruction technologies. It includes a library of dedicated veterinary protocols and an intuitive interface for exams performed seamlessly and with confidence.


CANON Aquilion LightningDesign and Operation:
  • Small space? Not a problem. Aquilion lightning will fit an 8 x 13ft room.
  • Design focusing on smaller installation space, Aquilion Lightning™ requires a minimal footprint.
  • Large 78cm wide bore and 47cm wide couch are designed to better accommodate anesthetized animals and associated equipment to optimize clinical workflow.
  • A host of intelligent functions enable a fast and efficient workflow.
  • Intuitive user interface with a step-by-step guide through the examination with modern and easy-to-understand graphics and animations.
  • A user-friendly 3D imaging package generates volume images with a simple push of a button.
  • Power Save mode decreases energy consumption with timed sleep mode for motors and fans
  • Designed for lower power requirements.
Imaging Technology:
  • The industry’s thinnest slices for high-resolution CT imaging of the finest of structures
  • .25 mm double slice technology.
  • Global Illumination, a new revolutionary 3D/4D rendering technique, helps provide a more photo-realistic view of anatomy.
  • SURE Subtraction™ provides the ability to remove bone and calcium from data sets allowing clinicians an unobstructed view
  • MultiView automation saves time by reconstructing MPR images as a part of the exam protocol, reducing the number of images for initial review and/or printing.
  • PURE Vision Detector for more efficient use of X-rays, decreased noise, and use of microblade cutting technology to minimize imperfections and maximize quantum efficiency

For further information and a complete list of product features, please contact Universal Imaging to speak to one of our product specialists.

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