Canon Cartesian Prime Digital PET/CT

Position Emission Tomography (PET) – supporting the evolution of precision medicine.

As healthcare, in general, is fundamentally changing from a “one size fits all” approach to more individualized prevention and treatment strategies, the advanced technology of the new premium digital PET / Computed Tomography scanners has meant extraordinary improvements in image quality, quantification, workflow, and patient comfort – vital innovations in the progression of precision medicine.


The rising impact of cancer, heart and neurodegenerative disease has been the impetus for greater research in precision medicine. The Canon Cartesian Prime PET/CT provides information on underlying molecular pathways and receptor expression by measuring the distribution of radiotracers in vivo. PET assists in diagnosis, staging, treatment selection, and response assessment.

Over the last decade, tremendous advancements in new instrumentation, data processing, and new tracers have supported the evolving role of PET. The Canon Cartesian Prime PET/Computed Tomography is a small lightweight air-cooled system that, in addition to producing exceptional imaging, optimizes scan times and streamlines your workflow.


Features The Canon Cartesian Prime PET/CT offers:
  • SIPM photosensors that impact image quality, scan times, and dose efficiencies.
  • A Patient-centric Design: With a wide 78 cm bore, the Canon Cartesian Prime PET/CT is designed to address the patient experience during the scan process.
  • AI-based Deep Learning Reconstruction: Canon Medical is at the forefront of Deep Learning Reconstruction (DLR) development for medical imaging.
  • AICE (Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine) for PET is available on the Canon CartesianCanon Cartesian Prime Prime to help clinicians achieve PET images with improved image quality under a wide variety of imaging conditions.
  • Air Cooling Technology. A first of its kind for digital PET.



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