Dental Digital X-Ray

Various Advanced Units Available (Handheld, Cart, Wall)

Add Value to Your Practice with Veterinary Intraoral X-ray Imaging

Multiple options to choose from to best suit your practice’s needs all utilizing the same advanced CNT (Carbon nanotube) technology and vet specific, user-friendly image acquisition software. These technologies work together to produce incredibly consistent, sharp, high-quality images.


Wall Unit:

Best for clinics/hospitals with limited space. Can fold up neatly and flat against the wall when not being used. Very stable arm, does not drift due to the lightweight tube head.


Cart Unit:

Best for clinics/hospitals with more space or ones who may need to move the unit from room to room on an as needed basis, or for storage. Large locking caster wheels for easy mobility. Has a built in laptop stand and sensor clip to complete this all-in-one set up.


Handheld Unit:

Best for mobile practices interested in offering dental DR or those with extremely limited space. Quick and simple to use with a one-click trigger. Lightweight, easy to handle being just over 4 lbs. Internal and external shielding for back scatter safety. Contains all of the amazing advanced technologies as the other units.

Unit Types

Advanced Technologies

Carbon Nanotube Technology

  • Lower Dose to User
  • Greater Longevity
  • Consistent Target Exposure
  • Stable High Efficiency Energy
  • Lower Cooldown Time & No Warm Up Time
  • Substantial Weight Savings for Safer and Easier Maneuverability
  • Not Available with Traditional X-ray Methods

Smart Angulation

Certain areas of the mouth are difficult to image. When parallel imaging techniques cannot be used, the tube head must be angled appropriately to capture these images. X-ray operators often do not change exposure settings and image quality will vary as a result of this angulation. Our line of dental DR equipment automatically optimizes image exposure settings based on the angle of the tube head.      

Image Acquisition Software

  • Easy-to-Read User Interface Reduces Eye Strain
  • Seamlessly Integrates into Any Clinical Workflow
  • Produces High Quality Images Quickly
  • Automatic Noise and Artifact Suppression of Images
  • Image Comparison View
  • FMX View (Image Orientation Adjustment)

Hybrid CMOS

Hybrid CMOS is the built in image capturing and processing technology that gives our dental DR products their signature sharp, high-quality images on a consistent basis. Under a large range of conditions this technology will adjust to produce the best image possible. This paired will the noise and artifact suppression features of the dental image acquisition software provides clear images for precise diagnoses.  

Smart Dial

The operating panel located on the tube head creates a simpler and faster workflow. The Smart Dial has all the setting in one dial, streamlining the workflow and decreasing preparation time. There is no need to remember complicated control panel buttons and configurations.

  • For further information and a complete list of product features, please contact one of our product specialists

CMOS Sensors


  • Multiple Sizes (1.0, 1.5, 2.0) Available for Patient Best Fit
  • Consistent Image Quality Under a Wide Range of Exposure Conditions
  • Slim Design For Patient Comfort (0.19 in)
  • Ergonomic, Anti-slip Design for Easy Positioning
  • IP68 Water and Dust Proof Rating
  • Duralumin, Strong and Lightweight Housing Material
  • USB Connection for Fast Image Transfer and Compatibility
  • 8.9 ft Cable Length for Maximum Reach and Flexibility


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For further information and a complete list of product features, please contact Universal Imaging to speak to one of our product specialists.

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