FireCR+ Computed Radiography – Medical

The Fast, Compact & Affordable CR Solution

The FireCR+ from Universal Imaging represents the next generation in CR reader technology, offering a unique combination of high image quality, affordability, speed, and the ability to tailor a system that meets your exact needs—along with the flexibility to help you grow.

The FireCR+ is a versatile system supporting two standard cassette sizes (10” x 12” & 14” x 17”). The system can be placed on a tabletop or wallmounted, allowing it to fit seamlessly into even the most space-challenged radiology department or clinic.

Experience the Benefits of FireCR+

Compact & Lightweight:  At just 65 pounds and 5 inches tall, they are ideal for locations where space is at a premium—and wall-mountable models fit in even the tightest imaging booths.

Optimized Imaging Parameters: All imaging parameters are optimized, resulting in high-quality digital images that can be enhanced, enlarged, duplicated, and sent in DICOM format to any location in seconds with no loss of resolution.

High Throughput:  With scan speeds of up to 70 imaging plates per hour, FireCR+ keeps up with even the busiest clinical environments.

Upgradeable:  Simply invest in the reader with the imaging speed that meets your current needs and budgets, and then scale up as your imaging volume increases.

FireCR+ Highlighted Features

  • High throughput—up to 70 imaging plates per hour
  • Configurable to your requirements
  • Field upgradeable to higher throughput
  • Choice of two standard cassette sizes – 10” x 12” & 14” x 17”
  • Wall-mount models for space-challenged facilities
  • Ultra-light, compact tabletop or portable system
  • Rugged, torsion stabilized optics
  • One step, integrated scanning & erasing
  • Automatic cassette & plate handling

FireCR+ Brochure

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