MyLab Six

The MyLab™ Six is the complete ultrasound system that can be used across a broad range of applications while maximizing patient throughput without compromising image quality or diagnostic confidence.

With many advanced technologies, post processing capabilities, and supporting a range of probes, the MyLab™ Six offers superb images in a fast, highly flexible and simple to operate system.



19″ screen with a wide viewing angle

8.9″ touchscreen control panel

Programmable keys

Three transducer sockets

XView and M-View Imaging Technologies

TEE Transducers

Post Processing

Full patient database and image management solutions: AVI/JPG/BMP/PNG, DICOM, USB, DVD, PDF report


Advanced Features

eTouch™: Faster workflow with screen based interface instructions for set-up and image capture.

Cardiovascular imaging: MyLab™ Six is equipped with comprehensive cardiac and vascular ultrasound packages that provide excellent image quality. With advanced tools like QIMT, XStrain™, TEE Probe, and Post Processing coupled with customizable measurements and a tailored reporting package, the MyLab™ Sic is the complete solution for cardiovascular scanning in the clinic and on the move.

XStrain: By combining XStrain™ analysis of standard apical views (2Ch, 4Ch, Alax), XStrain provides complete volumetric assessment of left ventricle. Global and regional curves as well as strain-strain rate and volume measurements are easily and quickly displayed.

QIMT: Accuracy, ease of use, real-time feedback, graphs and report are part of this innovative package for early diagnosis clinical practice.


The MyLab™ Six has a full line of transducers to meet the vast majority of applications. Please speak with a Universal Product Specialist to determine the transducers for your application. Some features only available using MyLab™Desk3 software suite.

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