Sonosite Edge

The SonoSite Edge ultrasound system is the latest, full featured portable ultrasound system from SonoSite. The Edge is ultra-light and portable with a 12.1″ screen, QWERTY keyboard and superb image quality. With all of the latest technology form SonoSite, the Edge has a great overall user experience in a wide range of applications.

Ultrasound for Clarity and Confidence


12.1” High Resolution Monitor

QWERTY Keyboard

Rechargeable Lithium Battery

One Transducer Socket

Ergonomic Cart (Optional)


Velocity Color Doppler

PW Doppler

CW Doppler

Power Doppler

Tissue Doppler

Tissue Harmonic Imaging

Compound Imaging

Speckle Reduction


Needle Visualization

Auto Optimization

DICOM® Connectivity

Advanced Features

Doppler Capabilities including Velocity Color Doppler, Pulsed Wave Doppler, Continuous Wave Doppler, Tissue Doppler, and Power Doppler.

Compound Imaging combines multiple coplanar images captured from different beam angles to form an integrated image.

Speckle Reduction Technology reduces noise while increasing border definition and diagnostic confidence.

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