Veterinary Ultrasound Accessories

OPU/TVA Transducer for Bovine and Equine

The OPU/TVA probe is the result of field request, and analysis followed by development and testing by leading veterinarians and technicians in the field of ET and IVF. Our OPU/TVA transducer makes ultrasound ovum aspiration easier and more comfortable due to its size, lightweight, and field of view.


  • The probe is now filled with medical grade filler and new stainless steel retaining rings have been added for improved durability making the probe 3X stronger
  • A new redesigned set screw can be found on the back of the probe. It is used to hold the cannula (steel tube) in place
  • The new set screw design is also flat allowing you to insert the probe another 3 inches when imaging equine warm bloods
  • We have also improved the cannula design to fit both long and short needles

  • Slim design to be used on heifers and mares
  • All metal needle guide and needle bushing accurate guidance
  • Ready to use, easy and quick assembly – time-saving between animals
  • Instant needle visualization, needle track in the middle of the screen (graduated Biopsy line) (2mm follicles visualization)
  • Compatible with short and long needles (12g – 20g Biopsy)
  • Usable on many species : bovine, equine, wild life animals, etc.
  • Easy and fast cleaning and disinfection

Compatible Ultrasound Machines

  • Sonoscape S2
  • Sonoscape S8
  • Sonoscape S8 EXP
  • Sonoscape S9
  • Exago
  • EXAPad / EXAPad Mini
  • Mindray Z4
Coming Soon:
  • Sonoscape X1V
  • Sonoscape X3V

Technical Specifications

  • Frequency: wideband 5.0-15.0 MHz
  • Nb of elements: 128
  • Ouv. Trans: 5.2mm
  • FOV (field of view): 135°
  • Length of the guide: 61.5 cm
  • Weight: less than 1 kg
  • Length of cable: 200 cm


  • Short needle tubing
  • Long needle tubing
  • Specific short needle
  • Transportation case
  • Cannullas: 12 – 18 – 20 gauge
  • Rectal/Probe extenders


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