Portable Veterinary Ultrasound

NEW FOR 2022
Increased productivity. Expanded capability. Portability without compromise.

Can a compact ultrasound system truly achieve the highest levels of performance? The answer is emphatical, yes! SB NINE is a full-fledged ultrasound system ideally suited for all clinical applications where portability is essential or space may be limited, but diagnostic quality cannot be compromised.


The SB NINE combines all the advantages of a portable ultrasound system with the diagnostic precision, productivity, and comfort of a cart-based machine. The new SB NINE is light, fast, wide-ranging, connectable, smart, and green – with a user interface so intuitive, it can be operated without a manual.

From imaging to quantification, from reporting to archiving – SB NINE provides a full-spectrum solution that helps you efficiently manage a wide range of exams and data. It operates with extraordinary speed, starting up and shutting down quickly, instantly switching between different modes and measurements, and immediately saving both still images and video.

Exceptionally portable, outstanding ergonomics of SB NINE means freedom to scan your patients anywhere needed. Whether you hand-carry the system or use it on a cart, its flexible configuration always provides an ergonomic workplace ready to use in an instant.

Its full-featured patient and image management system includes plenty of onboard storage capacity, wireless DICOM connectivity, and comprehensive export functionality. A wide range of dedicated transducers and advanced imaging functions help achieve consistent image quality with optimized contrast resolution, detail, and penetration.


Design and Operation:

  • Programmable user interface
  • Remote user help and sharing
  • High resolution 15” screen display with auto-adjust to ambient brightness
  • Ultra-slim and compact design; 12 lbs.
  • High-performance solid-state drive
  • Up to two hours battery time of continuous use in active mode
  • Magnesium alloy housing
  • Quick start eight seconds from standby
  • Electronic transducer selector connects up to three probes and remains operational on battery

Imaging Technology:

  • Speckle reduction
  • Q image enhancement
  • Multi-level compounding
  • Coler doppler
  • Continous & pulse wave doppler

Advanced Technology:

  • All new processor technology with next-generation beam former and circuit design
  • New Single Crystal transducer technology for greater penetration and spatial resolution
  • Tissue Elastography Technology
  • Full Cardiology Doppler package including EKG
  • Needle enhancement technology for clearer visualization of needles of any common size in the live ultrasound image
  • 2D Color Live enables display B-mode and color Doppler side by side.
  • Auto Gain helps accomplish greater workflow consistency in less time. Automatically optimizes image quality in 2D and Doppler modes with one button



Clinical Images

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