Sonoscape E2V

Portable Veterinary Ultrasound

Quality Imaging Couldn’t be Easier

Entry-level ultrasound platform with all the features and technology of systems twice its cost. A combination of exceptional image quality and convenient workflow raises the user’s level of comfort and proficiency in scanning. Compact yet wide-ranging, the E2V is suitable for all types of imaging under any condition.


Small and compact, the E2V with automated functions and comprehensive presets provides an almost effortless user experience in arriving at an accurate diagnosis. Automatic parameter adjustment and calculation are activated with just one click, significantly elevating workflow efficiency, while general imaging presets and versatile exam modes cover a full range of veterinary applications.
The E2V ultrasound system also includes prospective and retrospective storage to optimize results for active animals, as well as post-process image and database management.


Design and Operation:
  • 15.6-inch screen high definition monitor with wide folding and viewing angle and One Button Full-Screen Mode
  • Built-in battery support for 3 hours of continuous scanning
  • Quick boot uptime
  • Two active probe ports for fast probe swaps
  • Two USB ports; expansion slot to add a 3-probe connector
  • Available accessories including keyboard cover, standoff, biopsy guides, and adjustable-height trolley
  • System includes full gestational age table

Imaging Technology:

  • Dynamic Multi-Beam Imaging for excellent images without sacrificing temporal resolution
  • Spatial Compound Imaging to optimize images at different angles
  • Real-Time Panoramic Image to help locate lesions or interested areas more easily
  • Vis-Needle Technology to shows needle tips for biopsy efficiency improvement
  • Widescan for both linear and convex probes
  • Continuous Wave Color Doppler for more information in heart function evaluation



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Clinical Images

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