Sonoscape ProPet

Console Veterinary Ultrasound

Taking Flexibility and Intelligence to a New Level.

The Sonoscape ProPet takes on the ever-increasing demands for ultrasound across all applications. Making no compromise in premium care, ProPet delivers leading-edge ultrasound technologies, quick diagnostic information, advanced functionality, and superb ergonomics – at an unexpected value.


Truly a product of evolution, the Sonoscape ProPet architecture, powered by its Wis+ platform, delivers boosted performance vs. its high-performance predecessor with upgraded CPU and GPU for four times the data processing competence and ten times the response rate. In addition, its AID converter dramatically augments the system dynamic range for truer reality and subtle detail. For the user, the experience is silky smooth scanning and exquisite image clarity.

As ultrasound is taking on more and more clinical tasks, the Sonoscape ProPet has a comprehensive suite of advanced features that covers a full range of general and specialty imaging. Intelligent solutions streamline both repetitive and complicated exams, improving workflow efficiency with AI-powered tools, including measurement, parameter adjustments, and image optimization.


Design and Operation: Sonoscape P40 Elite
  • High-resolution 21.5-inch monitor and 13.3-inch touch screen
  • Height-adjustable and rotatable
  • Slim, compact design offers enhanced mobility and easy accommodation even in difficult spaces
  • The integrated battery supports all functions and wireless networking for on-the-go scanning
  • Fast and Efficient Optimization. Auto B/C helps optimize image quality under Band color Doppler mode with just one click. Multiple parameters such as gain, TGC, ROI position, steering angle, etc., are all included in this full automation method.
Imaging Technology:
  • µ-Scan+: Available for both B and 3D/4D modes. Engineered to distinguish tissue and artifacts. Speckle reduction improves image uniformity and enhanced border continuity details and enhances lesion display.
  • SR-Flow: A highly effective filter technology for enhanced separation of blood flow and tissue signal, enabling a dynamic and vivid Doppler display with high sensitivity for detection of slow flows.
Sonoscape P40 Elite
Renal Flow with Micro F
  • Micro F: Expand the range of visible flow in ultrasound, especially for visualizing hemodynamics for tiny vessels.
  • Auto Doppler: Tremendously simplified and streamlined by auto parameter adjusting and flexible spectrum tracing.
  • Color 3D: Available in color and power Doppler mode, Color 3D applies advanced rendering to blood flow to produce more intuitive and natural hemodynamics of vascular networks with speed and direction information.
  • High-performance Transducers: Single crystal transducers enable pure imaging by increasing the uniformity of crystal alignment and raising energy transmission efficiency.




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