Portable Veterinary Ultrasound

The Most Versatile Ultrasound of its Size

The Sonoscape X3V is a powerful, lightweight, rugged laptop platform. The all-inclusive system delivers outstanding image quality with an easy-to-use interface, fast boot-up, and long battery life – the perfect solution for today’s mobile practitioner.


Weighing in at under 10 lbs, don’t let its size fool you. With advanced features typically available on high-end systems, the Sonoscape X3V covers a wide range of diagnostic imaging needs in one system.

A product of years of evolving technology, the Sonoscape X3V has innovative application-specific algorithms that generate high-resolution images and deep penetration to present a large amount of information onto the ultrasound screen. In addition, stored images & videos may be reviewed, adjusted, and re-saved all onboard the system.

The Sonoscape X3V’s capabilities encompass abdominal, cardiac, MSK, reproductive (presets with gestational age charts), vascular and small parts applications. The easy-to-use workflow enables intuitive exam procedure, adding to the X3V’s overall mobility and flexibility in almost any exam environment.


Design and Operation:
  • 15.6-inch screen high definition monitor with wide folding and viewing angle and One Button Full Screen Mode
  • Built-in battery support for 3 hours of continuous scanning
  • Quick boot up time
  • Two USB ports; expansion slot to add a 3-probe connector
  • Wi-Fi and ethernet; DICOM with wireless/USB key for easy image transfer to PACS/computer
  • Available accessories including keyboard cover, standoff, biopsy guides and adjustable-height trolley
  • System includes full gestational age table
Imaging Technology:
  • New digital beam forming technology allowing 2- 16 Mhz imaging
  • Trapezoidal imaging and steering on linear probes
  • Needle Visualization for greater view of biopsy needles
  • Panoramic Extended Field of View
  • U-Scan Technology for noise reduction and increased border definition
  • Spatial compounding and Pulse Inversion Harmonics for improved contrast resolution
  • M tuning – one button image optimization for quick scanning emergencies
  • Advanced color package includes: color, power color, tissue Doppler, PW/CW spectral Doppler



Clinical Images


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