Universal Spiral CT Scanner

The Power of Computed Tomography for Your Practice is Now a Reality.

This veterinary-specific Spiral CT scanner with a patented CMOS CT detector is an excellent choice for hospitals with limited space, but still want the ability to offer clients more options with uncompromising quality.


CT technology is a very powerful imaging tool for all types of anatomy, including abdomen, bone, lungs, and thorax. The Spiral CT Scanner technology combines multiple sub-millimeter slices taken from different angles of the same area to produce high-definition 3D reconstructions.

The Spiral CT Scanner’s linear detector with scout view feature acquires thin image slices within a large field of view as the x-ray tube circles around the advancing table.
While its overall compact system design occupies only a 12’ x 12’ footprint, its large bore accommodates medium and large dogs. Its elevating table facilitates animal positioning in the center of the bore to maximize image acquisition.

Spiral CT Scanner diagnostics include, but are not limited to:

  • Skull / Nasal / Brain
  • C-Spine / T-Spine / Lumbar Spine
  • Thorax / Met Checks / Masses
  • Abdomen / Masses / GI Tract / Adrenals
  • Hips / Pelvis / Extremities


Design and Operation
  • Fast and simple-to-use software interface.
  • Cost-effective solution with the lowest power consumption of any spiral CT scanner available today.
  • Low Dose technology requiring very little, if any, radiation shielding.
  • 23-inch! gantry size able to accommodate large breed dogs.
  • Height-adjustable table.
Imaging Technology
  • HIgh-quality CMOS Spiral CT Detector.
  • Images acquired with Spiral CT technology with a narrow radiation beam for superior image contrast reducing scatter radiation noise.
  • High resolution 0.4 sub-millimeter slice thickness.
  • 3D rendering software.



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