Stalo Series Canon

Equine Mobile Digital X-ray

The Stalo Series Conon mobile digital X-ray is especially designed for the equine practitioner whose next exam room could be almost any place. Configured with Canon’s latest digital detector technology, Stalo is a powerful and durable imaging system with a seamless and efficient radiography workflow.


The Stalo system is flexible and versatile, with responsive touch-screen control, auto sequence software, fully wireless digital detectors, and automatic syncing to PACS and Cloud. Battery or AC powered, it features easy-access USB ports and panel storage within its case.

Stalo’s 3 Step Optimal Workflow: Select, Shoot & Save

Canon Technology

Canon composite detectors The latest generation of Canon digital detectors provides the high performance and durability required in any mobile environment. Utilizing super light and strong carbon fiber construction, Canon’s wireless small size detector line-up takes you to new heights of possibilities in Digital Radiography. Despite its featherlight characteristics, the carbon fiber chassis and frame of the Canon CXDI-810C (11” x 14”) detector ensures high performance and durability, tested for the rigors of demanding daily use. Additional features:
  • LANMIT® Technology that includes a photosensor with a scintillator layer utilizing cesium iodide (CsI), which has a high light-conversion efficiency, thereby reducing radiation exposure and achieving higher-resolution imaging.
  • The industry standard DICOM 3.0 interface ensures multi-vendor and cross-platform connectivity in any situation
  • On-board image memory for those situations where you need the detector to be fully independent
  • Water Resistant. Compliant to IPX7, each detector can withstand up to 30 minutes in water to a depth of 1m without incurring damage
Scatter Correction The Scatter Correction feature eliminates the need for an anti-scatter grid during certain types of X-ray examinations, improving patient comfort and remove the need for the technician to align the grid.

Control Station Options / Accessories

Clinical Images


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