Companion Animal Digital X-ray Table

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Universal Imaging Inc offers Complete Companion Animal Digital X-ray Systems from the world’s leading manufacturers. Your solution is always tailored to your unique needs; pair this table with ANY of our generators, panels & software options that are designed and developed with the right features and functionality that your practice demands.


New Generation of Intelligent DR


Stella is a compact and versatile system designed with the benefits of space-saving, easy installation, and high efficiency. See the benefits of a DR system which can output high definition static images for veterinary radiotherapy with an ultra-low maintenance cost and enhance the cost effectiveness of your practice today.

An all-in-one,  space saving companion animal digital x-ray solution using standard 110v outlet power. This package is the ideal configuration for practices and hospitals with limited space, and power restrictions.



Table Features

Horizontal Tube & Buckey Positioning

The column and buckey move horizontally up to 450mm either direction (left/right) allowing you to capture the same great images from the same positions as a float top table would without the need for extra space.






  • Ideal for small spaces
  • Table still big enough for large dogs
  • Weighs only 36 lbs for easy installation and movability







Generator Features

The State-of-the-Art generator that uses advanced technology to make your daily exams easier

(Our most popular generator option with Stella)

The powerful 5KW generator produces beautiful images, with industry leading quality when combined with the latest 17×17 Cesium digital receptor.

Key Technologies

  • Ultrasonic ranging
  • Shortcut keys for 6 groups of exposure parameters
  • High definition TFT matrix
  • Wireless controller for taking exposures (optional)
  • Bluetooth/RS232 connection to computer (optional)

Stella is capable of assisting in measuring the pet’s body thickness and the calculation of the best parameters for scanning using its smart ultrasonic ranging sensors. The intelligent technology makes for perfect image acquisition.


Clinical Images

Technical Specifications

Software & Panel Features

(Our most popular software option with Stella)

iClear is an acquisition software and hardware package for static and dynamic X-ray imaging. Created specifically for veterinarians with a straightforward user-friendly graphic interface controlled via touchscreen and/or mouse. This package is designed to seamlessly upgrade your existing digital or analog X-ray machines.


Key Technologies

  • iClear intelligent image processing and optimization
  • Low dose direct deposition cesium panels
  • Simplifies the veterinary clinical workflow
  • DICOM PACS Mobile View: Easy image retrieval and review
  • Seamless integration with a wide array of generators
  • Wireless communication to computer
  • Easy to use graphical user interface
  • Multimedia radiographic positioning guide



iClear software is built to make everyday workflow easier with multiple integrated functions and an array of special tools including filters for bones and soft tissues as well as measurement tools for TPLO, TTA, MMP and heart measurement (Buchanan’s VHS)



We designed our best in class Cassette-sized flat panels detectors with efficiency and innovation in mind.

  • Available in 14″x17″, 17″x17″
  • High definition TFT matrix
  • Ultra-reliable low power Intelligent Auto Exposure Detection (iAED)
  • Excellent DQE at all frequencies
  • Light-weight housing design



Technical Specifications

For further information and a complete list of product features, please contact Universal Imaging to speak to one of our product specialists.

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