Portable Veterinary Ultrasound

Hand-held Tablet-Based Ultrasound for the Ultimate in Mobility and Flexibility

Integrated with the best hand-held technologies and adaptable to smartphones or tablets, the tSeries scanners and probes operate seamlessly across all species and sizes.


Ultra-thin, light-weight, durable and wearable, tSeries devices are designed to deliver quality results in any exam environment. Specialty scanners offer a variety of clinical solutions with a quick start/quick stop thumb control for optimal workflow.

Perfect for fast exams, POCUS, rectal exams and more. This fully waterproof, programable probe head allows for fast and easy access to the most common controls. All with wireless connectivity to your hospital network.

For further information and a complete list of product features, please contact one of our product specialists.


  • No Additional Service or subscription fees
  • One App works on multiple devices
  • Full color Doppler technology
  • Wireless DICOM connectivity to PACS
  • Variety of available probes, including specialty applications, including Equine / Bovine reproduction
  • Image storage capacity (onboard)
  • Waterproof for simple cleaning and sterilization
  • Easy interchange from smartphone to tablet
  • System includes full gestational age table



Clinical Images


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For further information and a complete list of product features, please contact Universal Imaging to speak to one of our product specialists.

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