Asteris Keystone


Unmatched features and workflow:

  • Software designed specifically for veterinarians.
  • The most flexible solution in the industry.
  • DICOM-compliant.
  • Superior speed and quality of image transfer.
  • Pay as you go model with no hidden fees or extended contracts.
  • Total lower cost of ownership.
  • Service and support that exceeds the industry standard.
Manage Your Digital Imaging Process: Effortlessly store, access, transfer, share, and view your digital images with Asteris Keystone PACS. Easily access your files through Asteris Keystone
Online from any platform or device, anytime, anywhere.

Improve Your Workflow: Streamline radiology-related workflow to increase your efficiency and productivity.

Secure Your Data: Automatically archive and secure your data in our cloud-based platform.

Collaborate And Consult: Quickly and easily share files with colleagues, referral partners, and pet owners with Asteris Keystone Community.

Enjoy A Personalized Solution: Our software suite can be tailored specifically to meet your unique needs and workflow. No off-the-shelf or third-party products – no need to conform!


Simply access your data from the Asteris Keystone Suite installed on any of your PCs, or through Keystone online from any device or browser, anytime, anywhere.

Asteris Keystone PACS does not just store images, it enables you to:

Access: Quickly and easily store, access, transfer, and share your digital images. Use our convenient Asteris Keystone Online app for remote/mobile access to your images, reports, and files
from any platform or device, anytime, anywhere.

Retrieve: Review and diagnose using our integrated DICOM image viewer. Advanced features include 2D Multi-Planar Reconstruction that enables you to easily reconstruct images in multiple planes for greater diagnostic accuracy. And because we strive to tailor solutions to your practice, Asteris Keystone PACS will even work with any other DICOM-compliant image viewer from another provider.

Transfer: Transfer DICOM and non-DICOM images of any modality. Our patented image transfer method enables Asteris Keystone to transfer images 2-3 TIMES FASTER than our competitors.

Share: Easily share both DICOM and non-DICOM files and images with multiple facilities, colleagues, referral partners, and clients for review and interpretation with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Integrate: Seamlessly connect Asteris Keystone PACS to your diagnostic equipment, Radiology Information System (RIS), and practice management software.

Create reports: Reduce the time and effort put into reporting with a host of time saving features that work seamlessly with your practice-management software, including speech-to-text compatibility, predesigned report templates, and custom report template capability.

Archive and secure data: Automatically archive and secure data in our cloud based platform.

Asteris Brochure

Asteris Brochure

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