Universal Pro-Store – Cloud and Image Archive

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A stand-alone solution for organizations of all sizes to view and manage images

Harnessing the reliability and efficiency of the nation’s largest medical image sharing platform, and the dependability of the most downloaded diagnostic workstation in the world, Universal Pro-Store is the preeminent solution for collecting, archiving, viewing, sharing and exchanging any type of diagnostic image, anywhere and anytime.


The image management suite for your entire practice.
From the modality to the front office to the back office, Universal Pro-Store provides a more efficient workflow, easier access to archived images and the functionality to meet Meaningful Use.

Universal Pro-Store allows hospitals, imaging centers, physicians, and patients to benefit from the efficiencies and cost savings that come from best-of-breed imaging and information systems.

With the Universal Pro-Store you will:

  • View studies hospital-wide
  • Eliminate the need for patient-borne CDs
  • Provide VPN-free exchange of images
  • Share diagnostic images securely via the Internet
  • Eliminate waiting for images
  • Eliminate image format incompatibility
  • Reduce duplicate exams
  • Speed time to treatment
  • Increase referrals and streamline consults
  • Reduce IT complexities associated with sharing exams
Powered by:

eFilm Workstation

Access, annotate, store and distribute radiology studies from a flexible, local, thick client workstation.


Store and view DICOM® studies over your hospital network and the Cloud.

Key Features:

  • Easy patient tag editing when importing referral images
  • Scrapbook – create reference studies
  • Measurement package
  • Multi-study preview
  • Fast email function
  • Dual monitor support
  • CD/DVD burning & export function
  • FDA Approved
  • Compression storage

Universal Pro-Store

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