Portable X-ray Generators

Portable Generators for Today’s Mobile X-ray Equine Practitioner

 Portable X-ray Generators are durable and lightweight with a focus on portability. Equine x-ray equipment needs to be powerful, lightweight, portable, and most importantly, durable. Universal Imaging offers ultra-light x-ray generators that will give you the accuracy and dependability you need to achieve superb images for a more accurate diagnosis.


 Portable X-ray Generators  have compact and ultra-light designs to meet the most challenging equine imaging applications. They provide a more precise focal point than competing generators produces with consistently clearer and more detailed images.

Powerful, stable output with unique features for increased efficiency.

Portable X-ray Generators are designed to meet the most challenging equine imaging applications. Whether your focus is on the pastern, fetlock, stifle, lungs, abdomen, neck or spine, we have a generator that will meet your applications.

  • High frequency inverter technology
  • Durable design with reliable radiation output
  • Fully compatible with all Digital Radiography systems
  • One-handed collimator control (9020) models
  • Fully wireless and A/C powered models
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