myRad Small Animal Digital Radiography


The Complete “Turn Key” Digital Radiography Solution

myRad offers a complete Digital Radiography solution that integrates premium hardware, efficiency optimized software, and comprehensive Cloud integration, allowing image acquisition and viewing to be fast, seamless and productive.


Enhanced usability, sophisticated imaging technologies and advanced processing bring the image quality of myRad  to the next level.

Efficiency: AED/SmartSwitch technology allows for the use of any x-ray generator.
Experience: Excellent image edge detail with advanced image technology.
Diagnose: More structural information with proven contrast resolution.
Confidence: Knowing your studies will be consistent and repeatable every time.


Crystal Clear Images: Only myRad incorporates our exclusive software configuration for the best image quality on the market.

Immediate Results: Images are available a few seconds after capture and can be immediately transmitted over the network and Cloud for fast and easy data sharing.

Superb Performance: Exceptional digital radiographic imagery, large area detection,  efficient workflow, and simple installation.

Minimal X-ray Exposure: myRad utilizes proprietary technology  to allow for easy acquisition of high resolution, high contrast images with minimum x-ray exposure to the patient.

Single Click Protocol: Powerful exam auto-sequence software enables a single click selection of a set of protocols required for a specific examination, thus streamlining study order creation.

Wired or Wireless Options: To meet the needs of your practice, Digital Flat Panels are available in both wired and fully wireless configurations.

Legendary Service and ZERO Downtime: 24/7 tech support with loaner panels available if repair is needed.

You Own the Software: With many competing systems you are actually renting the software with fees for upgrading and selling.

Full On-site Training and Installation

With AED/SmartSwitch technology, image acquisition is initiated automatically upon the panel sensing x-ray photons. This technology enhances generator compatibility by removing the need for synchronization between the x-ray generator and the panel.

Standard Bucky tray compatible: myRad is compatible with flat panels that will fit any standard Bucky tray without modification, allowing for use with your current x-ray table.

myRad  Compatible Flat Panel Detectors

Exceptional radiographs are essential for an accurate diagnosis. To achieve the best images in the veterinary industry, only myRad utilizes FujiFilm or Canon Digital Flat Panels combined with our exclusive software configuration that was developed with the help of leading veterinarians.

  • FujiFilm G35ES

    14″ x 17″ Wireless Detector
    ISS Technology
    Dynamic Visualization
    SmartSwitch Technology
    On-board Image Storage
    IPX6 Rated Waterproof

  • FujiFilm G43ES

    17″ x 17″ Wireless Detector
    ISS Technology
    Dynamic Visualization
    SmartSwitch Technology
    On-board Image Storage
    IPX6 Rated Waterproof

  • Canon 810c

    11″ x 14″ Wireless Detector
    Automatic Emission Detection
    On-board Image Storage
    IPX7 Rated Waterproof

  • Canon 710c

    14″ x 17″ Wireless Detector
    Automatic Emission Detection
    On-board Image Storage
    IPX7 Rated Waterproof

FujiFilm ISS Technology

FujiFilm ISS Diagram
The “ISS method” provides highly sharp images even with low dose.

FujiFilm’s patented Irradiated Side Sampling Technology focuses its capture electronics at the top of the detector, opposite conventional designs. This revolutionary method outperforms traditional designs, improving signal strength and dose efficiency, resulting in images with an unprecedented level of diagnostic content. Also, optimization of the scintillation layer of the panel is achieved by Fujifilm’s own precision coating technology cultivated by its vast experience in the manufacturing of Imaging Plates (IP), resulting in improved DQE.

FujiFilm Virtual Grid

Virtual Grid™ processing simulates grid use for exams acquired without a grid. Physical grids are commonly required for mobile imaging of large anatomy to help focus radiation and reduce scatter. Virtual Grid processing will be of great benefit to technologists for mobile imaging applications in emergency room, operating room, critical care and other exams.

With the ability to customize its emulated grid characteristics, Virtual Grid provides exam flexibility and eliminates image quality problems that result from improper grid alignment or focus.

By simulating actual grid use, Virtual Grid can be beneficial in many clinical scenarios (bedside, ER, OR, ICU) where positioning a physical grid can be challenging or disruptive to patient comfort.

  • Eliminates physical grid-related misalignment issues
  • Precisely tunes image contrast while suppressing image noise
  • Emulates a wide range of physical grid characteristics, by grid ratio, density and interspace material

myRad Canon Brochure

myRad Fujifilm Brochure

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