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Universal Imaging is devoted to the advancement of veterinary dental radiography by offering a complete suite of digital radiography systems designed specifically for dental veterinary use.

Our market-leading filmless, veterinary digital dental radiography systems produce high resolution images with exceptional diagnostic quality that will aid in a more accurate diagnosis.


EVA VetEVA Vet™ – The New Generation in Digital Dental X-Ray Sensors

EVA Vet™, the market-leading filmless digital dental radiology system that produces high resolution, diagnostic quality x-ray images. Using patented Active CMOS technology, EVA Vet™ produces high efficiency, low noise x-ray images that are digitalized and transmitted to any computer via standard USB port.

EVA’s manufacturing process has been further developed to provide a more robust, stronger digital x-ray sensor than ever before. Relating to the experience in the veterinary industry, EVA Vet™ is now in its 3rd evolution, to provide enhanced, long lasting performance. A stronger, more secure digital x-ray sensor but with the same, time-tested image quality that EVA Vet™ has always had and is famous for. Made in the U.S.A.

EVA Vet™ Features and Benefits

  • Simple to use
  • Robust design made to withstand the rigors of the veterinary environment
  • Excellent image quality and clarity
  • Experience of over 2500 installations
  • Quicker diagnosis
  • Reduced anesthesia time
  • Instant and secure storage and retrieval of images
  • Quick and easy retakes
  • Cost savings (no more film, mounts, chemistry, time, floor space, maintenance, filing)
  • Fast return on investment
  • Environmentally friendly (no film or chemicals)
  • ViewAll™ Vet Acquisition Software provides full DICOM compatibility and full integration with most PACS to send and share images
  • DICOM options
  • Made in the U.S.A

Good Dental Health Means Better Animal Health

Image-Vet DC Mobile System

Universal’s Veterinary DC technology represents the latest generation in the series of Image-Vet™ X-Rays. Featuring intuitive, easy-to use veterinary specific software, Image-Vet™ sets the standard for veterinary dental radiography. Thousands of installations are found in universities, major wet labs, veterinary dental training centers and private practices worldwide.

Image-Vet DC™ Features:

  • Unique DCR wireless remote can take exposures from virtually any distance with features that combine the best parts of anatomical and manual programming.
  • Seamlessly compatible with the EVA Vet™ Digital Dental Imaging System
  • Appropriate selections of kV and mA are automatically determined by tooth selection and patient size
  • Lightweight DC tube head and 12” internal collimation provides stable positioning and X-Rays with superior image quality
  • Uninterrupted use during multiple exposures is possible due to a “Dynamic Duty Cycle” that controls tube head heat making the DC superior in both functionality and safety
  • Outstanding image quality by means of a 12” embedded collimation and constant potential high frequency generator. Low-energy “soft” radiation (which is non-diagnostic) is virtually eliminated
  • The versatility offered by four distinct wall mounting options allows unprecedented flexibility.
  • Horizontal – Left or Right
  • Vertical – Top or Bottom
  • Three arm lengths – 16”, 23”, 35”
  • Now with 4″ medical-grade casters making the DC mobile system easier to move and more stable.

SuperVista CameraThe perfect companion for the EVA Vet™ Digital Dental Sensor!

Take dental diagnostics to the next level with the SuperVista intraoral camera with superior image quality!

This easy-to-use imaging tool has the convenience of an intraoral camera that integrates with a digital dental radiography system. Seamlessly compatible with the EVA Vet™ Digital Dental Imaging System and ViewAll imaging software, the SuperVista has fast USB 2.0 connectivity and does not require external power supplies or proprietary capture cards.

Each SuperVista Camera System Includes:

  • USB Camera
  • USB Cable
  • Wall/Table mounting holster
  • Mounting Screws
  • Driver/Software CD
  • 1 Package of Protective Sheaths
  • User Manual


acquiretab2Seamless Acquisition and Storage

ViewAll™ is a unified software application, designed with a streamlined approach acquiring and viewing veterinary dental images. With an easy-to-use tabbed interface ViewAll is the solution for veterinary users who want seamless acquisition and storage of veterinary dental x-rays. ViewAll™ is currently available with our EVA Vet™ Digital Dental Sensor, or as an independent software platform, and is DICOM 3.0 Compliant.

ViewAll™ Features:

  • Drastically improves image quality over ProImage software
  • DICOM Send and Receive functionality for easy integration with Cloud, PACS and Veterinary Teleradiology – good for referrals, teaching and multiple practices
  • New Practice Management mode
  • Additional Templates
  • New “Soft Tissue” MetaTreatment for automatic tissue imaging enhancements
  • Unified software for all ImageWorks Veterinary digital equipment – Train your staff on one application
  • STAT Patient mode for rapid image acquisition
  • Patient Observation Series – allows you to capture and link a series of images over a 32-hour observation period
  • Image History – easily view or modify changes made to an image
  • Tabbed, user-friendly interface ViewAll™ Vet is fully networkable and scalable for any sized clinic or hospital
  • Acquire and view images on multiple monitors



Affordable X-Ray Generation

The Image-Vet 4G™ is an affordable option that features a smooth, stable and ergonomic design as well as excellent performance The easy-to-use timer has a wide exposure range for precise exposure settings. Designed with feedback from leading veterinarians, the Image-Vet 4G™ sets the standard for veterinary dental radiography by generating focused x-rays for sharp diagnostic images.

Image-Vet™ 4G Features

  • Compatible with all digital dental imaging systems
  • Superb Image Quality
  • Designed to work seemlessly with EVA-Vet® Digital Dental Sensors
  • Smooth, stable, ergonomic design
  • Multiple mounting options: Wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, or on a mobile stand
  • Stable, fully-maneuverable tubehead and arms specifically designed for easy positioning

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