Veterinary Digital Dental X-ray

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Universal Imaging is devoted to the advancement of veterinary dental radiography by offering a complete suite of digital radiography systems designed specifically for dental veterinary use.

Our market-leading filmless, veterinary digital dental radiography systems produce high resolution images with exceptional diagnostic quality that will aid in a more accurate diagnosis.


The Complete Veterinary Dental X-Ray Solution

Each EVA Vet™ System Includes:

  • EVA Vet™ Select II Sensor, size 1.5 or 2.0
  • ViewAII™ 5.0 DICOM Acquisition Software (License for up to 19 Workstations)
  • Patented Sensor Armor® for added protection
  • Starter Kit of Disposable Protective Sheaths
  • FREE Lifetime remote diagnostic services and online tech support
  • FREE Enrollment in IWV’s Customer Loyalty Replacement Program
  • In-clinic training options
  • 24-Month Limited Warranty

EVA Vet™ Select II Sensor – Features and Benefits

  • Excellent image quality, clarity, resolution, definition and contrast
  • EVSII size 2.0; Sensor – Dims: 1.25” x 1. 70”; Resolution: 25+1p/mm
  • EVSII size 1.5; Sensor – Dims: 1.15” x 1.50”; Resolution: 25+1p/mm
  • Simple to use with robust design
  • Experience of over 10,000 installations
  • Direct 3 meter USB 2.0 connection
  • ViewAII™ 5.0 Vet Acquisition Software provides full DICOM compatibility and full integration with most PACS
  • Instant and secure storage and retrieval of images
  • Certifications: MFDS, CE/MOD, FDA, Health Canada

(Laptop Optional)

FleXX™ Portable Intraoral Dental X-Ray Generator

Features and Benefits

  • Portablity: Weighing only 4 lbs, the Flexx can be used anywhere in the clinic allowing faster radiographs, and requires no installation.
  • Safety: The FDA approved Flexx with its oil-cooled Toshiba tube uses double lead shielding to prevent x-ray leakage and generates less radiation than conventional systems.
  • Easy of Use: The Flexx is easily operated with one hand to allow radiograph production by only one person. It includes double wrist straps, and right and left exposure buttons for bilateral operation.
  • Included: High Frequency 60kV / 2mA generator with 2 High capacity Lithium-ion batteries (up to 500 shots per charge each), shoulder/neck strap, and scatter shield.

ISDC Intraoral Dental X-Ray Generator

Features and Benefits

  • High frequency generator: 55 – 70kV/4 – 8mA with a 0.5mm focal spot
  • Best image first time, every time: Power Factor Correction assures highly stable and consistent output regardless of quality of input power source.
  • Reduced dosage: Patented shielding method makes leakage close to zero. The ISDC system significantly reduces harmful soft radiation compared to conventional AC type machines.
  • Long lasting quality: Life cycle tested both mechanically and electrically over 200,000 cycles. Refined arm movement with “Zero-drift”.
  • Enhanced workflow: LCD display with bright screen displays technique information clearly from any angle. Easy to understand icons quickly identify tooth, receptor type and patient size. Thirty pre-programmed technique settings streamline set-up and preparation for every procedure and every receptor.
  • Wall mounted or rolling cart


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