Canon Aplio 300 Platinum


Toshiba’s Aplio™ 300 Platinum system delivers all of today’s essential ultrasound imaging capabilities in a compact, workhorse system. The system offers superior image quality with outstanding depth and detail along with enhanced ergonomics and automated features that elevate efficiency to an entirely new level. The Aplio 300 Platinum system is ideal for all routine ultrasound exams, including general imaging, therio and shared service.



19” High Resolution IPS Monitor

Fully Customizable, Mode Sensitive Touch Screen

Three Transducer Sockets

Super High Density Transducers

Comprehensive on-board reporting

Optimized Workflow

DICOM® 3.0 Connectivity

Export Images Using USB, Network or Built-in DVD Drive

Advanced Features

Next Generation Precision Imaging+, like auto-focus on a camera, enhances the definition of structures and sharpens borders to separate clinical information from clutter and noise for a more accurate representation of patient anatomy.

Differential Tissue Harmonic Imaging (D-THI) overcomes the limitations of conventional Tissue Harmonic imaging by providing improved visualization and definition of lesions, cysts and subtle tissue characteristics while scanning at increased depth and on difficult-to-image patients

ApliPure+ provides a superior level of image uniformity and detail in every mode, ApliPure+ real-time compounding combines the advantages of spatial and frequency compounding while preserving clinically significant markers.

Advanced Dynamic Flow™ (ADF), a Toshiba’s exclusive, the ADF feature employs sophisticated high-resolution, color-flow technology to display the smallest blood vessels and complex blood flow with amazing accuracy.

Volume Imaging Suite captures volume data sets at high-volume rates for shorter exam times and features a comprehensive set of imaging modes (Surface rendering, Multiview and MPR).

Stress Echo enables fast and accurate wall motion assessment and supports both standard and user-definable protocols for exercise and pharmacological stress studies.

Panoramic View helps visualize widespread areas and anatomical relationships by creating wide-view images of a region of interest.

BEAM (Biopsy Enhancement Auto Mode) provides a clearer visualization of biopsy needles in the live ultrasound image. BEAM enhances the visibility of a biopsy needle and works with all common needle sizes. The function provides three enhancement levels and selects the best scan angle fully automatically.

  • Fully customizable console
    Aplio’s console and mode-sensitive touch screen suit your clinical needs and personal preferences by reassigning functions to the keys of your choice.

  • Instant image optimization
    QuickScan automatically optimizes the image with a simple push of a button so you can achieve greater consistency in your exams in less time.

  • Reduce keystrokes, shorten exams
    Aplio’s new Quick Start menu helps you adjust the imaging parameters to any clinical target while ensuring a smooth workflow.

  • smart-transducers

    Transducer design
    Lightweight transducers designed to minimize stress and increase efficiency with comfortable ergonomics and super-flexible cables.

  • Cable management
    Aplio’s smart cable management system helps you make an end to tangled wires and lets you move the system easier and safer.

  • More Ergonomic Efficiency
    A premium quality, high-resolution 19″ LCD has an articulating arm and handle for simple repositioning. The versatile console can adjust both vertically and horizontally to create more convenient patient access.

  • Managing your study data
    Aplio’s fully integrated patient and image management system allows you to review and manage your studies conveniently on the system.

  • Reporting options
    Aplio provides comprehensive facilities to generate and print customizable reports including measurements, charts, clinical images and text.

  • Exporting your clinical data
    Aplio ships standard with a DVD writer, as well as network and USB connections for study documentation, storage and data export.

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