Sonoscape S8 / Universal S8

Leading Edge Imaging Performance

S8 represents the next generation in portable ultrasound, offering veterinary practices the features and functionality of a large cart-based system in a mobile, go-anywhere package.

At only 19 pounds, the S8 has been designed in a new powerful, lightweight architecture to better meet high-performance imaging requirements. From Complete Cardiac Capabilities to Freehand 3D imaging to Tissue Harmonic Imaging, the superior imaging and ease-of-use performance of the S8 delivers outstanding value. DICOM® worklist, store and print are all standard.

By making patient diagnosis more accurate and affordable, the S8 sets new standards in leading-edge imaging performance for veterinary ultrasound.



15” High Resolution Monitor

QWERTY Keyboard

Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Two Transducer Sockets

Ergonomic Cart (Optional)

Optimized Workflow

DICOM® 3.0 Connectivity

Advanced Features

Automatic Tissue Optimization Technology (ATO) and M-Tuning (1-button scanning) deliver ease-of-use and time savings by automatically adjusting parameters to display the optimal image quality for the type of tissue being imaged.

Complete Cardiac Capabilities including EKG, Color Flow, Pulsed Wave Spectral Doppler, Steerable Continuous Wave Doppler and Power Doppler.

Multi-Parameter Compound Imaging combines multiple coplanar images captured from different beam angles to form an integrated image.

Steerable M Mode allows for precise axis positioning, resulting in extremely accurate measurements.

Panoramic Imaging produces an ultra-wide field of view, providing maximum information on tissue and lesions.

U-scan Technology, the latest advance in Speckle Reduction Technology, reduces noise while increasing border definition and diagnostic confidence.

Steerable M Mode allows for precise axis positioning, resulting in extremely accurate measurements.

Trapezoidal Imaging significantly increases the field of view for linear probes.

Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI) offers numerous advantages over conventional imaging, including improved contrast resolution, reduced noise and clutter, improved lateral resolution, reduced slice thickness, reduced artifacts and, in many instances, improved signal-to-noise ratio.

Freehand 3D Imaging is included as a standard feature.

Easy File Transfer to USB, DICOM®, and Network.

Exclusive Sonoscape Authorized Dealer:

Universal Imaging is North America’s only Sonoscape Authorized Dealer for veterinary medicine. Purchasing your Sonoscape Ultrasound System from Universal Imaging guarantees that you will receive factory authorized service, support, and warranty on your ultrasound system. Sonoscape only honors service, support, and warranty on veterinary use systems that are purchased from Universal Imaging. If you purchase your system elsewhere, you do so at your own risk.

Universal S8 Brochure

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