Toshiba Viamo


For busy veterinary practices, Viamo offers diagnostic precision, comfort, and ease-of-use of a premium cart-based system. Its full range of high-performance imaging functions lets veterinarians visualize minute tissue details and vascular structures with precision for a faster, more accurate diagnosis.

Viamo’s small footprint and light weight make it easy to maneuver, while its powerful imaging makes it a valuable tool in any veterinary clinic. It’s mere seconds from stand-by to start scanning, which is indispensable in veterinary emergencies. Even in difficult scanning positions or when working in tight quarters, Viamo’s ergonomic features allow you to acquire the studies you need with more comfort and ease.

Viamo is equipped to provide veterinarians with proven advanced imaging technologies from our larger systems. These technologies will give you consistent image quality with less manipulation for greater diagnostic confidence. Viamo is an outstanding solution for those looking for a portable veterinary ultrasound system with unparalleled image clarity and detail.



15” Touch panel LCD monitor

Lightweight Transducers

Optimized Workflow

DICOM® 3.0 Connectivity

Export Images Using USB or Network

Advanced Features

Pulse Subtraction™ lTissue Harmonics provides you with supreme detail resolution and imaging contrast on all transducers and for all supported clinical applications.

TissuePure™ image enhancement technology reduces speckle noise while improving the visi­bility and continuity of structures. TissuePure ­enables you to perform advanced ­exams with greater ­image definition and clinical accuracy without compromising on patient access.

TwinView™ allows you to simultaneously assess and compare structural information in B-mode and hemodynamics in color Doppler or Power ADF.

ApliPure™ realtime compounding delivers ultrasonic images of outstanding clarity and detail ­in all modes, while preserving clinically significant markers. ApliPure+ further enhances image smoothness and detail delineation to an unrivalled level of performance. Both techniques can be combined with other imaging modes, such as color or spectral Doppler for even greater uni­formity within each application.

40cm Maximum Depth setting allows you to image even the toughest of patients.

Directional Power ADF adds superior spatial resolution and low angle dependency to color Doppler and reveals minute vasculature with unprecedented accuracy and detail. Trapezoid Imaging extends your field of view for a better overview of the region of interest in both grayscale and color Doppler modes.

  • Innovation you can touch
    Viamo combines premium imaging performance in a portable laptop system with a revolutionary, fully programmable touch screen user interface. It gives you direct access to a matchless host of imaging, quantification and workflow functions anyplace you need it.

  • Tailor Viamo to your practice
    Viamo’s touch panel allows you to operate the system conveniently and with ease. Virtually all controls on the touch screen as well as on the console are freely programmable to suit your individual requirements and preferences.

  • Unlimited productivity
    From imaging to quantification, from reporting to archiving, Viamo provides a full spectrum solution that helps you manage on-site and remote clinical studies more efficiently. And what’s more: all function can be accessed easily and conveniently via the touch screen. Export your selection of clinical images as digital report sheets in PDF format to a USB memory stick.

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