Premium Black and White Portable Ultrasound

UMS7700 is a premium black-and-white portable ultrasound – perfect for multiple veterinary applications. It offers reproductive, tendon and cardiac software calculation packages, with the ability to make quick and easy measurements and annotations.

Veterinary ultrasound has never been easier thanks to UMS7700’s foldaway backlit keyboard, 3D software, one key for image optimization and USB drive for easy image transfer to hard drive. For veterinarians on the move, UMS7700 comes with a cart and custom carrying case.

UMS7700 is the ideal portable, advanced and easy-to-use veterinary ultrasound system for practices on the go.


Reproductive, tendon and cardiac software calc. packages

Digital Beam-former with B, BB, B-M, 4B, M-Mode

High-resolution 10” flat screen

High-density, multi-frequency transducers

512-frame Cineloop

Selective range TGC gain sliders

USB drive for easy transfer of images to computer

Histograms to show healing progress

Image and patient data storage

Lightweight portable design

2 active probe connectors

Foldaway backlit keyboard

Image Processing– press one key for image optimization

High-Definition Live Zoom (PIP)

1 year warranty

Cart, custom carrying case, 3-D software, DICOM® (optional)

Advanced Features

Speckle Reduction Technology optimizes the image for maximum resolution and definition, reducing the amount of speckle, without removing any of the critical image data.

Easy image management enables images to be saved to the internal hard drive or an external USB drive. Multiple image  formats are supported including .jpeg and .avi (for cineloops).

UMS7700 Brochure

UMS7700 Brochure

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