OPU Extender


Transducer Extender for Ovum Pick-up

The Universal Imaging OPU Extender has taken years of research, development, and testing by leading doctors in the Therio field. Our OPU Extender streamlines the oocyte retrieval process by giving you the ability to accurately position the aspiration needle with the guidance of ultrasound.


  • Non-porous with a smooth, polished finish.
  • Slim design can be used in young animals.
  • All metal needle guide and needle bushing for precise needle guidance.
  • Made of a composite material that quickly warms to body temperature.
  • Bovine OPU Extender compatible with short, inexpensive 15-16-17-18-19-20 gauge needles for high volume.
  • Equine OPU Extender compatible with long, double lumen 12 gauge needle.

Compatible Ultrasound Machines:

  • Exago with biopsy line
  • Universal S2 with biopsy line
  • Universal S8
  • Universal S8x with biopsy line
  • Universal S9 with biopsy line
  • Biosound MyLab
  • Siemens-Acuson P300
  • UMS 900
  • UMS 900 NEO

*10 foot micro-convex probes are available on select units.

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