Basic Cardiac Lecture Webinar by John Bonagura, DVM, DACVIM

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This course will be presented by John Bonagura, DVM, DACVIM (Cardiology, Internal Medicine) and is designed for veterinarians with an interest in learning how to apply echocardiographic diagnosis in their small animal practice. The course is designed at the entry-level and presented by an instructor with over 45 years of experience in clinical echocardiography. The topics are comprehensive, building on each other, and assume no prior background in cardiac ultrasound examination and diagnosis. The course is also appropriate for veterinarians holding initial experience in cardiac ultrasound but wanting a more structured approach to image assessment and echocardiographic diagnosis. Both real-time (synchronous) and at will (asynchronous) participation is possible to accommodate participants’ personal schedules and those living in different time zones.


Initial topics consider the principles of echocardiography, from the composition of the two-dimensional and motion mode images, to recognition of normal cardiac structures, to appropriate methods for measuring heart size and function using these two modalities. Doppler echocardiography is defined briefly using case examples, but this course is focused on utilizing 2D and M-mode imaging In general small animal practice. The general approach to echocardiographic diagnosis is explained, within the context of the clinical, radiographic and laboratory examinations, and applied during the subsequent sessions. Echocardiographic recognition and assessment of acquired valvular diseases of the dog and the cardiomyopathies of the dog and the cat are then emphasized. Included are key imaging findings that help to guide therapy. A number of vignettes are presented in the later sessions as “case unknowns” to emphasize the diagnostic principles of other commonly-acquired heart diseases. These include cases of pericardial effusion, cardiac tumors, pulmonary and systemic hypertension, and some secondary causes of myocardial disease.


Although a laboratory cannot be included in this on-line course, technical pitfalls of echocardiography and common errors of interpretation will be discussed in class and in the form of a self-assessment quiz (later reviewed with the instructor). Time is provided for questions and answers after each formal (synchronous-learning) presentation and recorded for those who cannot attend all sessions in real-time. All participants will receive a digital syllabus that includes PDF copies of the class slides, textual reference material (including tables of normal values), and reference videos for future study. Lastly, after completion of this course, participants can upload specific echocardiographic images obtained from their own practice to the Universal system, using a prescribed format based on the course content. These will be reviewed by the course instructor and feedback will be offered regarding the technical examination, imaging planes, and diagnostic quality of the images*. The upload link and instruction will be email to you two weeks before the webinar.


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