Veterinary CT Scanners

For over 48 years we have served as the pioneers of ultrasound and radiography, paving the way with the latest technologies in both new and refurbished machines. We know how important it is to have a reliable CT scanner to provide more detailed, cross-sectional views of the body during high-stress emergency situations, and we would never jeopardize your patient’s care with compromised equipment. We are 100% confident that our recertified CT scanners will deliver, every time, at a fraction of the cost of a new machine.

Why consider a recertified machine?

  • Our CT scanners are recertified by the manufacturer, a process that involves a full inspection, reformatting, multiple test phases, and a final inspection to ensure FDA compliance, prior to shipping.
  • Our CT scanners are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty and/or service plan.
  • Our CT scanners meet the requirements for the ACR gold standard of accreditation, representing the highest level of image quality.
  • Our CT scanners offer advanced scanning features and crystal clear image quality.
  • Our CT scanners are available for both small and large animal applications

Our selection of CT scanners offers a variety of slicing options. The CT machine divides the body up into 2-dimensional “slices” which are then reconstructed into very detailed, crystal clear 3-dimensional images that show bones, soft tissue, organs, and blood vessels. The slicing capability needs will vary per patient’s needs. CT gives Veterinarians a very powerful tool to aid in the diagnosis of cancer, cardiovascular disease, infectious disease, appendicitis, trauma, and musculoskeletal disorders.

Contact us for more information about systems and applications.

Our most popular recertified CT scanners for large and small animal applications include:

Philips Brilliance
(Available in 16 & 64 slice)


Siemens Somatom Sensation
(Available in 4, 16, & 64 slice)


Toshiba Aquilion ONE
(Available in 16 & 64 slice)


GE Lightspeed
(Available in 8 & 16 slice)