Pre-owned Veterinary Ultrasound

Universal Imaging offers pre-owned and refurbished ultrasound equipment for veterinary clinics. Our pre-owned veterinary ultrasound undergo a rigorous testing procedure and to ensure that all systems are of the highest quality before they are sold. We are always pleased to offer demonstrations on all our pre-owned ultrasound equipment.

Universal Imaging has been the leading supplier of complete ultrasound diagnostic solutions to veterinarians for over 48 years. We are proud to carry a wide variety of pre-owned, refurbished veterinary ultrasound systems for both large and small animals.

Contact us today for specific information, warranty and pricing details. Pre-owned systems start under $5,000 USD.

Portable Pre-owned Veterinary Ultrasound

  • Sonoscape S8 / Universal S8

    S8 represents the next generation in portable ultrasound, offering veterinary practices the features and functionality of a large cart-based system in a mobile, go-anywhere package.

    At only 19 pounds, the S8 has been designed in a new powerful, lightweight architecture to better meet high-performance imaging requirements. From Complete Cardiac Capabilities to Freehand 3D imaging to Tissue Harmonic Imaging, the superior imaging and ease-of-use performance of the S8 delivers outstanding value. DICOM® worklist, store and print are all standard.

  • Logiq e

    The NextGen LOGIQ* e’s imaging engine comes from GE’s flagship console systems, delivering crisp images in a compact package. Point-of-care-specific software and transducers help to see the needle to administer a block or perform an aspiration quickly, even in an obese patient. When productivity matters, you can control the console from the transducer – potentially eliminating the need to have a second person assist. *Trademark of General Electric Company

  • Siemens-Acuson P300

    Mobile, powerful, and extraordinarily versatile, the ACUSON P300™ ultrasound system is the perfect addition to your veterinary practice. Offering big performance with dual processing, support for multiple exam types, panoramic imaging, and speckle reduction, the ACUSON P300™ delivers the precision you need for a faster, more accurate diagnosis.

    Featuring excellent image quality, a full range of transducers, multiple ports and streamlined workflow, all backed by our industry leading service and support, it’s a veterinary ultrasound platform that delivers everything you would expect and more.

  • Toshiba Viamo

    For busy veterinary practices, Viamo offers diagnostic precision, comfort, and ease-of-use of a premium cart-based system. Its full range of high-performance imaging functions lets veterinarians visualize minute tissue details and vascular structures with precision for a faster, more accurate diagnosis.

    Viamo’s small footprint and light weight make it easy to maneuver, while its powerful imaging makes it a valuable tool in any veterinary clinic. It’s mere seconds from stand-by to start scanning, which is indispensable in veterinary emergencies.

  • Sonoscape A6 / Universal A6

    The Universal A6 is a reliable, efficient, and easy-to-use system with the practical design and stable performance that goes beyond your expectations, but not your budget. Utilizing an expansive digital beamformer, the A6 provides exceptional image quality, resulting in crystal-clear images that enable a confident diagnosis on a wide variety of patients.

    With advanced specifications usually found only in cart-based B/W systems the A6 is the perfect system for emergency and therio practices that require enhanced image quality, without the need for color doppler. The advanced workflow and image optimization features of the A6 keep exam times down and image quality high.

  • MyLab 30

    The MyLab 30 portable ultrasound system is a compact ultrasound system that delivers premium console performance. And with mobile, portable or stationary configurations, the MyLab 30 can adapt to any veterinary environment.This system is capable of providing the highest quality images in a range of application by allowing personalization to fit every user’s specific needs.

  • MyLab 30 Gold

    The MyLab™30 Gold represents the new standard in mobile ultrasound systems, able to perfectly match the latest technological innovations with ease of use and portability. A new class of systems: the Gold Standard in terms of quality and solutions meets the portable ultrasound to deliver unmatched performance, defining a new class of systems.

  • MyLab Five

    The MyLab Five is an optimal solution for a veterinary practice where size, cost and value are important factors. The system has a 15” high resolution LCD that produces unmatched image quality while increasing user comfort and reducing eyestrain. The built-in carry handle and optional battery power make it even more attractive as a portable solution.The MyLab Five can be hand carried, or mounted on a foldaway or a height-adjustable cart.

  • Medison SonoAce Pico

    Medison Pico is a fully portable, multi-specialty ultrasound system that has become the value choice in portable color. A compact, 100% digital system that offers you the most advanced technology for image optimization and connectivity. The all color Pico delivers all the performance and versatility you would expect from an ultrasound system in a compact package. Featuring numerous features and imaging capabilities, the Pico is the first truly portable system to offer uncompromising performance. All digital beam forming provides maximum image resolution giving you the ultimate in diagnostic accuracy.

  • UMS7700

    UMS7700 is a premium black-and-white portable ultrasound – perfect for multiple veterinary applications. It offers reproductive, tendon and cardiac software calculation packages, with the ability to make quick and easy measurements and annotations. UMS7700 is the ideal portable, advanced and easy-to-use veterinary ultrasound system for practices on the go.

  • GE Logiq Book

    Small animal ultrasound

  • Toshiba JustVision 200

    Small and Large Animal Ultrasound

  • SonoVet 1500HD

    Small and Large Animal Ultrasound

  • Sonovet 2000

    Small animal ultrasound

  • Shimadzu SDU-350XL

    Small animal ultrasound

  • Pie 480/485

    Equine reproductive

  • Medison Sonovet 600

    Small animal ultrasound

  • Aloka 500V

    Small animal ultrasound / equine reproductive

  • Aloka 900

    Small animal ultrasound / equine reproductive

Console Pre-owned Veterinary Ultrasound

  • MyLab 40

    The MyLab 40 is a premium performance, ultrasound imaging system that was developed to make diagnostic ultrasound more accurate and efficient. With its compact console, impressive feature set and surprisingly impressive price the MyLab 40 is sure to be a valuable asset to your veterinary practice.The wide selection of standard and optional features makes the MyLab 40 a true full services system without compromising image quality or ease-of-use.

  • MyLab 50

    With modular architecture and unique scalability the MyLab 50 is adaptable to a variety of veterinary applications. Advanced multi-frequency transducers, extreme sensitivity and an intuitive user interface allow for improved diagnostic confidence and more accurate diagnoses.The MyLab 50 is a versatile ultrasound system that offer the premium performance and portability needed to provide the highest levels of patient care in all veterinary applications.

  • MyLab 70

    This revolutionary system was designed to satisfy the most stringent diagnostic demands by extending technology with integration, full data sharing, continuous workflow and unique advanced versatility. Partnerships with important scientific societies and strong support from advanced veterinary and human medicine laboratories have resulted in a platform featuring high flexibility, dedicated ergonomics, improved value, and dedicated solutions for all applications.

  • Acuson 128XP

    Small and Large Animal Ultrasound

  • Aloka SSD-2000

    Small and Large Animal Ultrasound

  • Aloka SSD-4000

    Small and Large Animal Ultrasound

  • Aloka SSD-1700

    Small and Large Animal Ultrasound

  • Aloka SSD-3500

    Small and Large Animal Ultrasound

  • Aloka SSD-625

    Small and Large Animal Ultrasound

  • Philips HDI5000

    Small and Large Animal Ultrasound

  • Biosound AU3

    Small and Large Animal Ultrasound

  • Biosound AU5

    Small and Large Animal Ultrasound

  • Biosound Megas

    Small animal ultrasound

  • Fukuda Denshi UF-550XTD

    Small and Large Animal Ultrasound

  • GE Logiq5 Pro

    Small and Large Animal Ultrasound

  • Philips HDI3000

    Small and Large Animal Ultrasound

  • Shimadzu Sarano

    Small and Large Animal Ultrasound

  • Shimadzu 450

    Small and Large Animal Ultrasound

  • Shimadzu SDL-310

    Small and Large Animal Ultrasound

  • Siemens G50

    Small and Large Animal Ultrasound

  • Siemens G60

    Small and Large Animal Ultrasound

  • Toshiba Capasee II

    Small and Large Animal Ultrasound

  • Toshiba JV325A

    Small and Large Animal Ultrasound

  • Logiq F6

    With the LOGIQ* F Series, exceptional image quality helps you provide your diagnosis. Clarity helps you detect abnormalities or small pathologies.

    Incorporating established capabilities from GE’s flagship ultrasound systems, the LOGIQ F Series provides you with an affordable way to offer the advantages of advanced, high-performance ultrasound to your patients. *Trademark of General Electric Company